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PCIe: Changing the Bracket

The TSync-PCIe board is shipped with a full height card bracket, and a 1/2 height bracket. The latter is pre-installed.

If so required, follow the procedure outlined below to install the full height bracket:

Bracket change procedure

Changing the bracket:

  1. Tools required for this procedure include a #1 Phillips head screwdriver, a 1/8-inch nut driver or open-end wrench, and a 5/16” driver, wrench, or socket.
  2. Internal GPS receiver boards only: Using the 5/16-inch driver or wrench, remove the nut and lock washer securing the GNSS RF cable to the board. Slide the cable out of the D-hole in the half-height bracket.
  3. Use the Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the Phillips-head screw securing the bracket to the Tsync-PCIe board.
  4. Using the 1/8-inch nut driver, remove the two jack screws from the 25-pin connector. The half-height bracket can now be removed from the TSync-PCIe board.
  5. Install the full-height bracket. Replace the jack screws on the 25-pin connector.

Note: It may be desirable to install the Phillips-head screw finger-tight, then the jack screws, before completely tightening the Phillips-head screw. Also, be careful to seat the jack screws fully in the holes in the full-height bracket, or the breakout cable will not attach properly to the 25-pin connector when the cable is connected to the board for operation.

  1. Reverse steps 1 through 3 in order to complete installation of the full-height bracket. Reconnect the Phillips-head screw to secure the bracket on the board and, for boards with internal GPS receivers, reconnect the SMA RF connector cable (being sure to align it properly in the D-hole).