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Resetting a TSync Card

In order to reset all TSync card settings, the host computer must be powered down, since during a reboot of the host computer, the TSync card will NOT lose all of its settings.

The card can also be reset using the Reset API call. In both cases, no volatile settings are stored with the exception of the Reference Priority Table, i.e. the start-up script needs to be run again in order to re-initialize the system and reset all settings from their factory default values to their designated values.

Please note that – contrary to GPS – IRIG references do not automatically set the Year during startup, i.e. the TSync defaults to its factory default setting, the year 2000 (Note that TSync cards do not have a Real Time Clock, hence the factory default Year will be applied). In your startup script, you have to run a call pointing to the specific location in the IRIG Control Function section or BCD string where the Year information is located.

About Volatility

For information on memory volatility, see the Tech Note Certificate of Volatility.