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ESD: Best Practices

Caution: Electronic equipment is sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Observe all ESD precautions and safeguards when handling Spectracom equipment.

  • Before installing a PCB or other electronic component, discharge static buildup by touching the metal frame of the computer/server chassis with one hand, and the protective antistatic bag containing the board with the other hand. Open the protective bag only after static buildup has been safely discharged.
  • Use a grounded wrist strap to prevent static discharge.
  • Put components and PCBs back into their antistatic bags, while not in use.
  • Make sure the unit's chassis, its power supply, and main components are electrically connected to one another, so as to allow reliable grounding (if applicable).
  • Do not let components or PCBs come into contact with your clothing.
  • Handle PCBs on their edges only; avoid touching electronic components or contacts. If you have to handle a chip, avoid touching its pins.