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Leap Seconds

Per default, TimeKeeper handles leap seconds by “slewing”, rather than introducing discontinuities, “jumps” or pauses in time to correct them. It will smoothly adjust any offset introduced by a leap second to ensure monotonically increasing time.

Some time keeping methods and time reference sources do pause the clock and TimeKeeper will deal with them gracefully. This will initially show up as about a 10 second offset of the time which will be smoothly corrected out over the next three to eight minutes.

TimeKeeper does offer a mode to “jump” the clock or perform a “step” when the leap second occurs in order to reduce the amount of time needed to correct out the time offset introduced by the leap second. To enable this feature:

  • Navigate to Configuration > TimeKeeper configuration, and click the field next to the Application Setting "Correct a leap second with an immediate clock jump instead of slew".

In this mode, when TimeKeeper detects a 1 second offset within a 15 second window of when a leap second is introduced (either midnight UTC of June 30, or December 31 of a year) it will immediately correct the clock by 1 second. Note that depending on how leap seconds are propagated within your time environment, this may not occur exactly when the leap second occurs.

We recommend testing how a leap second is handled in your specific environment by simulating one if very fast correction of a leap second is important to you. Please contact Spectracom Technical Support for assistance, see Technical Support.