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NTP Query Rate

By default as an NTP client TimeKeeper will query the server at 1.1 second intervals. Faster and slower query rates are supported but the default rate is generally recommended as it achieves the best performance while using little bandwidth.

When acting as a NTP client, TimeKeeper will wait for many milliseconds for a response. If there is no response from the server in that time, the server is assumed to not be responding and no time synchronization will occur during that query of the server. This could be a problem for synchronization of a very slow WAN connection. If your installation requires a very long interval please contact Spectracom Tech Support for configuration information. (See Technical Support.)

To set the sync rate for an NTP time source:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > TimeKeeper Configuration > Sources.
  2. Open the pulldown menu for the desired NTP source, and edit the second line item.

Setting the NTP sync rate

Specify the rate at which the server is to be queried, in packets/sec, for example:

  • A value of 0.9 would query every 1.1 seconds (1/0.9 = 1.1)
  • A value of 0.5 represents a query every 2 seconds.
  • A value of 0.015625 will generate a query every 64 seconds.