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Troubleshooting Hardware Issues

Failure Mode
Failure Mode
Failure Mode
Info LED on front panel blinks slowly. System status window on HOME screen of Web UI lists a power supply alarm. One of the two redundant power supplies is defective. Replace defect power supply. See Replacing a Power Supply.
Info LED on front panel blinks fast (1x/sec) Fan failure Contact Spectracom Service.
Info LED is permanently red. CPU overheat Check environment temperature. Ensure the front bezel is installed. Check bezel filter for contamination (see Maintenance and Service).
System Status window on HOME screen of Web UI lists RAID failure. One of the two RAID harddisks is defect. Replace harddisk. See Removing/Installing a Hard Disk Drive. (Note: Replacement harddisks are available from Spectracom).

Power Supply Failure

If either of the two redundant power supply modules fail, the other module will take over without service interruption. The UID LED on the front panel (see Front Panel Overview) will blink slowly until the failed module has been replaced.

Do not user power supplies other than the original model installed in the unit. Replacement power supplies can be procured directly from Spectracom (part no. PS09R-070J-SL01), or from the OEM manufacturer, Supermicro Computer (model PWS-651-1R).

To find out how to replace a power supply, see Replacing a Power Supply.