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Selecting the Right Installation Location

VelaSync has been designed to be installed in an industry-grade, slide-mount 19" server rack or cabinet. Note that VelaSync is not suitable for use with a visual display work place device (§2 of the German Ordinance for Work with Visual Display Units).

Select a suitable location that meets the following requirements:

  • A dedicated room with restricted access
  • Electrically grounded and mechanically stable rack, with physical clearance for unrestricted air flow and servicing: approx. 650 mm [25”] in front of rack, 770 mm [30”] in the back of rack
  • Clean, dust-free, and stable1An environment where a constant temperature can be maintained during operation, to allow for the best possible timing accuracy. ambient temperature not to exceed 35°C [95°F].
  • Virtually free of EMC noise
  • Access to a reliable grounded power outlet
  • Sufficiently dimensioned power supply circuitry, to prevent overloading of circuits.
  • The use of a regulating UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is recommended.

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