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Rack Installation

Note: We recommend that you read this Chapter in its entirety before you begin with the installation.

Note: Also consult the installation instructions that came with the rack or cabinet you plan on using.

All VelaSync units are shipped with two rack rail assemblies, each of which consists of two sections:

  • the inner rail, which is pre-installed to the server chassis
  • the outer rail assembly, which faces the rack

Rack rail assembly

Optional inner rail extension elements (shown in red) are provided to accommodate installation scenarios requiring maximum unit extension from the rack, e.g. for service & maintenance. Consult your rack manufacturer's user manual for additional information.

Optional inner rails

Installing the outer rail to the rack:

  1. Measure the distance from the front rail to the rear rail of the rack. Attach a short bracket to the front side of each of the outer rails, and a long bracket to the rear side of each outer rail.
  2. Adjust both the short, and the long brackets to the proper distance so that the rails fit snugly into the rack. Secure the short bracket to the front side of the outer rail with two screws, and the long bracket to the rear side of the outer rail with three screws.

Installing the server into the rack:

Once all the rails have been installed to the VelaSync chassis and the rack, the VelaSync unit can be installed into the rack.

Caution: The unit weighs approximately 24 lbs (11 kg). Depending on your chosen installation location, it may be advisable to lift the unit with two persons.

  1. Line up the rear of the inner rails at the chassis with the front of the outer rails at the rack. Slide the server chassis into the rack, keeping the pressure even on both sides. Depress the locking tabs, if needed (they will click upon proper engagement).

Rack installation

TELCO Rack Installation

To install the VelaSync unit in a Telco-type rack, use two L-shaped brackets on either side of the VelaSync chassis.

  1. Determine how far forward the unit will extend out of the front of the rack. Determine a balanced front-to-back position of the chassis.
  2. Remove the bezel from the VelaSync. Attach the two front brackets to each side of the chassis, then the two rear brackets, leaving just enough space to accommodate the width of the telco rack.
  3. Slide the VelaSync into the rack, and tighten the brackets to the rack.