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VelaSync rear panel

Connecting the GPS Antenna

For instructions on how to install a GPS/GNSS antenna, the signal cable, and accessories such as surge protectors, weatherproofing kits, or amplifiers, refer to the Installation Guide that came with the respective equipment.

For additional information regarding the GPS antenna location selection, see Choosing a GNSS Antenna Location.

  1. Connect the GPS antenna to the GPS connector (see Rear Panel Overview, using the supplied Type-N adapter cable, and an LMR-400 equivalent cable with surge suppressor and active GPS L1 antenna, such as Spectracom model 8230.
  2. Note the GPS receiver connection provides 5VDC power for the antenna.

Establishing a Network Connection

  1. Connect a network cable to at least one of the Ethernet connectors ETH0 to ETH4 on the back panel of the unit. Take note of the ETH port you chose.
  2. Note: You'll likely want to change the default IP address of the ETH ports you plan on using. This procedure is described under Configuring IP Address(es). (You will need an Ethernet cable, or a serial null modem cable for this.)

Connecting Power

Before connecting power to the unit, make sure that you have read all safety information detailed in section YOUR SAFETY.

DANGER! When installing the product, use only the provided or designated power cables. Using any other cables and adaptors could cause a malfunction or a fire.

DANGER! This product relies on the building's installation for short-circuit (overcurrent) protection. Ensure that the protective device is rated not greater than: 250 V, 20 A.

  1. Plug in power to both power supplies.
  2. As soon as at least one of the two power supplies has been connected to the mains voltage, you may hear fan noise from inside the VelaSync housing. However, note that the unit is not running yet (check the front indicator lamps: they will remain dark).

  1. Switch the unit on by pressing the ON/OFF button on the front panel. Wait for the device to boot up.
  2. Note: If only one power supply is running, and the other one is inserted all the way, but not plugged in, or defect, VelaSync will emit a long BEEP, so as to alert you of a problem with the backup power.

    ON/OFF button

  1. Once the boot process is completed, only the green POWER status LED should be lit.
  2. Proceed with Configuring IP Address(es)).