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Configuring IP Address(es)

Each of VelaSync's network interface ports is configured with a unique static IP address when the unit is shipped (see the illustration under Rear Panel Overview for details). If you need to change any of the IP addresses, proceed as follows.

Note: The factory-programmed IP addresses can be found in the illustration: Rear Panel Overview.

There are two ways to change the IP address of a network interface:

  1. Using an Ethernet cable, or hub/switch, via the Timekeeper web user interface ("Web UI"): Configuration > Networking: Interfaces: ethX
  2. Or, by using timekeeper_cli (utilizing a terminal emulator program, such as PuTTY or Tera Term) which can be opened also via IP, or by connecting a PC via null modem cable to the serial port. If VelaSync has not yet been connected to a network yet, this is the method of choice.

The latter procedure is described below:

  1. Connect the null modem cable between the serial ports of VelaSync, and your PC.
  2. Start VelaSync by pressing the ON button on the upper right-hand corner of the front panel.
  3. Start your PC, and open a terminal emulator program, such as PuTTY or Tera Term.
  4. Configure your terminal emulator to use the serial port (COM1, typically), and a baud rate of 57400. If you are using SSH, you will need to provide your login credentials: The default user name is admin, the password is fsmlabs.
  5. Once communication is established, in your CLI window, type: timekeeper_cli, and press Enter.
  6. The first menu appears:

    Select option 1., Configure and manage network.

  1.  The next menu appears:
  2. Select option 1., Configure network.

  1. The following message appears:
    Use this tool to configure the network, but do not rename or add devices. Please acknowledge this before configuring — Continue ? [y/n]
  2. The purpose of this message is to inform you that these changes are not reversible via a reset. Acknowledge the message.

    Caution: Spectracom Technical Support is not obligated to providing support if such modifications had been made.

  3. The network configuration menu will be displayed:
  1. Press Enter to select the first menu option Device Configuration, and in the next menu, select the port (E0 thru E4) who you plan on using (see Step 2. under Connections). Enter your desired IP address, and subnet mask. (Normally, there is no need to change anything else.) Navigate by using the tab key, or arrow keys. Confirm selections by pressing Enter.
  1. Repeat the previous step for other Ethernet ports, if required.
  1. Leave the menus gracefully. Reboot the system to apply your changes.
  2. To test your IP configuration, you may perform a Ping test from a network client computer .

You can now access the web user interface ("Web UI"): Using a web browser, enter the newly configured IP address of your VelaSync unit, and login into TimeKeeper. The user name is admin, the password is fsmlabs. (For security reason, change both immediately.) For more information, see Logging into TimeKeeper.

Note: If this is an upgrade and you have been using previous TimeKeeper versions, it is recommended that you force a full page reload (Ctrl-Shift-R on many browsers). This will make sure your browser loads the latest web interface from the grandmaster and provides all of the latest features.

Note: By default, SSH access is not enabled for VelaSync. To enable SSH, navigate to Configuration > Service & System Management, and under Manage Access, select the tab Enable SSH.

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