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Configuring IP Address(es)

VelaSync's ETH0 network interface port is configured with a unique static IP address: The DHCP is shipped disabled on this port, but can be reinstated below.

The other Ethernet ports default to DHCP; if connected to a DHCP server via ETH1 through ETH5, VelaSync will accept a dynamic IP address.

Once you are connected to the Web UI, you can manually adjust the IP addresses for each ethernet port, and enable or disable DHCP.

Changing the IP address using an Ethernet connection

  1. In order to manipulate network configurations, open a web browser, using a PC that is on the same network as the VelaSync.
  2. Navigate to the IP address connected to VelaSync; either the default static address (ETH0) or the dynamic address assigned by your DHCP.
  3. Log onto the Web UI as an administrator. If not yet updated, use the default password:

    Note: The default login credentials are:
    User name = spadmin
    Password = admin123

  4. In the Web UI HOME screen, select the MANAGEMENT menu> Network Setup.
  5. In the Ports panel on the right, click the GEAR button next to the Ethernet port to be configured: the Edit Ethernet Port Settings panel will open.

  6. In this panel, you can perform the following actions:
    • enable or disable the ethernet port
    • enable DHCP
    • disable DHCP (selecting this function will provide access to the remaining settings)
    • assign a static IP address
    • set netmask values
    • set Gateway, domain, DNS, and MTU values.

      Note: Wait to click Submit or Apply until fully finished assigning values to avoid errors.

In order to apply a static IP address to any Ethernet port, DHCP must be disabled.

To update network settings using a serial connection, please see Setting Up an IP Address via the Serial Port.