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Unpacking and Inventory

Caution: Electronic equipment is sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Observe all ESD precautions and safeguards when handling the unit.

Unpack the equipment and inspect it for damage. If any components have been damaged in transit, you should file a damage claim with the with the carrier who delivered the unit.

Should you experience any problems during installation and configuration of your Spectracom product, please contact your closest Spectracom Customer Service Center (see Technical Support).

Note: Retain all original packaging for use in return shipments, if necessary.

What's in the box?

  • VelaSync unit
  • Two (2) sets of rail assemblies
  • Two (2) rail mounting brackets, extension elements, and mounting hardware
  • Front bezel, and keys
  • Two (2) power cables
  • Spectracom Ancillary Kit, containing one (1) antenna cable, one (1) TSync standard breakout cable, and one (1) timing I/O adaptor cable.
  • Optional equipment e.g., GPS antenna and surge suppressor
  • Documentation: VelaSync Quickstart Guide, Supermicro documentation, Mellanox documentation.

After inspecting the contents of the shipment, continue with Chapter Selecting the Right Installation Location.