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About this Manual

This User Manual for the VelaSync Enterprise Time Server provides you with:

  • descriptions of features and functions, as well as
  • installation and configuration guidance
  • instructions for specific tasks related to using this product
  • safety-related information
  • technical specifications
  • other reference information.

The main objectives of this User Manual are:

  1. to assist you with the installation and configuration of this product in a safe and efficient manner
  2. to help you familiarize yourself with VelaSync’s user interfaces, features and functionality.

This User Manual is written for a professional audience, targeting experienced system integrators and PC technicians.

Other relevant documentation

This Spectracom User Manual is complemented by the Spectracom VelaSync Quick Reference Guide (PN: 1225-5000-0051), a printed copy of which is shipped with the unit, and the user documentation for the Supermicro™ SuperO® SuperServer 5017R-WRF, which can be found under: