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Front Panel Overview

Front Panel (bezel removed)

Control Buttons

  • UNIT ID ("UID"): Unit identifier button – to identify this unit, press this button (or activate via IPMI) to turn the blue "i" LED in front and back of unit on/off.
  • RESET button: Reboot the system
  • Power button: Apply/remove power from the power supply of the server. (Note: Standby power continues to be supplied to the system, i.e. the power supplies and the IPMI remain energized)
  • HDD Release Lever: Pull to release one of the two hot-swap RAID hard disks.

Control Panel LEDs

  • Info (red):
    • Red blinking fast (1x/sec): Fan fail
    • Red blinking slowly (1x/4 sec): Power fail
    • Red solid: CPU overheat
  • Info (blue):
    • Blue solid: Local UID button depressed
    • Blue blinking: UID has been activated via IPMI
  • NIC 2, 1: Activity on GLAN 1,2 when flashing green
  • HDD: IDE channel activity when flashing yellow
  • Power: Power is applied to power supplies (bright green)

Hard Disk Drives

Each hard disk drive (HDD) carrier has two LEDs:

  • Green LED: Indicates drive activity, when illuminated.
  • Red LED:
    • When blinking, the drive is rebuilding.
    • When solid, indicates drive failure (you should also receive an automatic message from your system management software).

To release a hard disk drive carrier, in order to remove the hot-swappable hard disk drive, push the red button for the carrier to release the lever, then pull the carrier out, using the lever.

For additional instructions on how to replace a hard disk, see Removing/Installing a Hard Disk Drive.