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Rear Panel Overview

VelaSync rear panel


1./2.: 1GbE ports (RJ-45)

3./4.: 10 GbE ports (SFP+)

5./6.: Optional 10 GbE ports (SFP+), or 40 GbE (QSFP+) 1Please inquire about availability.

7.: GPS/GNSS antenna connector (SMB)

8.: VGA

9.: Spectacom TSync timing connector 2- PPS Output is 3.3V and should be terminated to 50 Ohms. Includes rear status LED's (Status LEDs).

10.: USB (4x)

11.: IPMI

12.: Serial

13./14.: Power supplies

Note: PRISMA VelaSync does not support having multiple network interfaces on the same subnet or multipath routing.