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Removing/Installing a Hard Disk Drive

Since the SATA Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) are hot-swappable, and they are RAID configured, either of the two drives can be removed from the front of the VelaSync chassis, without the need to open the chassis, or shut down VelaSync.

Caution: Allow the hard disk drives to cool before touching.

Proceed as follows:

Removing the bezel

  • Remove the front bezel from the chassis, by unlocking it with the key, then pressing the red release knob, then removing the bezel with both hands. While the bezel is removed, check if the filter requires cleaning or replacement.
  • Removing the front bezel

Removing the HDD carrier

  1. The HDDs are installed in carriers. To release a carrier, press down its red release button next to the drive LEDs. The handle will be released.
  1. Swing the handle out all the way.
  2. Pull out the carrier from the chassis, using the handle.
  3. Removing a HDD carrier

Caution: In order to maintain proper airflow, each HDD carrier must always be re-installed into the unit, even if empty.

To remove an HDD from its carrier, loosen the three screws on either side.

To install an HDD into a carrier, insert it into the carrier with its PCB facing down. Check alignment, then use the three screws on either side to assemble the two components.

To install a carrier into VelaSync, follow the instructions shown above Removing the HDD carrier in reverse order.

Note: When replacing an HDD with a new one (i.e., an unused one), you must power-cycle the VelaSync unit to clear an error message stating that the HDD failed.

For additional information on HDD installation, see the user documentation provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturers: Supermicro™ SuperO® SuperServer 5017R-WRF under