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Replacing a Power Supply

For redundancy purposes, the server is equipped with two hot-swap power supply modules. Should either of the modules fail, the other will take the full load, and supply power without interruption to the server.

Since the power supplies can be hot-swapped, the VelaSync unit does not have to be shut down, in order to replace the defective power supply.

Caution: Allow the power supply modules to cool before touching.

  1. To determine which of the two power supplies failed, on the back side of the server check the LED located on either power supply. The LED of a failed power supply will not light up.
  2. Unplug the power cord of the defective power supply.
  3. To remove the power supply module from the VelaSync unit, push the release tab to the side, and then pull the module straight out.
  4. Power supply removal

  5. Replace the failed power supply module with a replacement unit.
  6. Note: Only use the approved type of power supply, for more information, see Maintenance and Service.

    Simply push the new power supply module into the empty bay until you hear a click.

  7. Plug the AC power cord back into the new power supply.

Note: For additional information on the power supplies, see, Chapter 2 on page 2-1.