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Status Monitoring with TimeKeeper

TimeKeeper offers several ways to monitor the status of VelaSync, the time distributed over the network, and other aspects of network administration:

"Status" Tab

The Status tab provides information on the source currently tracked, as well as TimeKeeper system data, and system tracking information.

TimeKeeper Status tab

"Timing Quality" Tab

Under the Timing Quality tab, you can access graphical representations of accuracy data:

TimeKeeper Timing Quality tab

"Time Map" Tab

Under the Time Map tab, TimeKeeper TKL visualizes the structure of the timing network environment, including all time sources, and other clients found on the network. Espcially with complex networks, this visualization tool can be of assistance when it comes to identifying architectural or accuracy problems.

TimeKeeper Time Map tab

The connecting lines are color-coded:

  • Red: NTP
  • Green: PTP
  • Blue: direct

Drag any node or time source with your computer mouse to adjust the graph.

Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see additional features, such as static display and hiding labels.

"Logs" Tab

TimeKeeper maintains log files that can be conveniently reviewed under the Logs tab.

Logs tab

Logs can also be downloaded: Navigate to Support, and click Collect TimeKeeper Logs.

"GPS" Tab

Since GPS reception is critical for VelaSync, TimeKeeper has two integrated monitoring tools that help with assessing GPS signal strength-related status.

TimeKeeper's Sky Map

In addition to this, under the Antenna Location tab, you can display a Google Maps® window, showing the antenna location.