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The Configuration Subtab "PTP Servers"

The PTP Servers subtab under TimeKeeper Configuration lists all PTP servers currently configured. Here you can:

  • edit existing PTP servers
  • delete existing PTP servers
  • add new PTP servers.

"PTP Servers" subtab

When adding a new PTP server, or edit an existing server, the following fields need to be populated. When done, click Add (for adding a new PTP server), then Save KimeKeeper changes.

The editable fields are:

  • PTP server version: [Version 1, or 2]
  • PTP server domain: [1 – 255]]
  • PTP server sync rate: Rate at which the server will send timing updates, in packets/sec. A value of 0.9 would send sync packets every 1.1 seconds.
  • Sync error threshold: If the sync quality (offset) of any of the clients of this server exceed this floating point value, trap/syslog messages will be emitted.
  • PTP server TTL: Numeric value indicating time to live for PTP packets.
  • PTP priority 1: Numeric value from 0 to 255, with lower values taking precedence.
  • PTP priority 2: Numeric value from 0 to 255, with lower values taking precedence.
  • Interface: [Choose one: eth0, 1, 2, etc.] Bind communications to this network device.
  • Limit advertised accuracy: If set, the server will limit the accuracy advertised in PTP announce messages to be no better than the value provided (in seconds). This is helpful when trying to prevent some clients from switching between grandmasters quickly.
  • Always unicast delay responses: [checkbox Y/N] If set, the server will always respond to delay requests with unicast delay responses. Otherwise it will always respond in the form of the request.