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Configuring SNMP

TimeKeeper can generate SNMP traps. To configure TimeKeeper to generate SNMP traps and deliver them to the host “host1”:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > TimeKeeper Configuration.
  2. In the field SNMP trap host, enter a host name (e.g., "host1") or an IPv4 dotted notation address. TimeKeeper supports multiple SNMP trap destinations, to be entered in the following manner: host1,host2,hostr3.
  3. In the field SNMP trap OID, enter the OID to which all traps will be emitted e.g., “”. Unless you need all traps sent to one OID, it is recommended you leave SNMPTRAPOID undefined in your configuration.

By default, TimeKeeper delivers traps according to the provided MIB file, which can be accessed under the Support tab.

TimeKeeper also allows users to walk the SNMP tree on the appliance. To enable this feature:

  • Navigate to Configuration > Service & System Management, and under Manage Communication, click Enable SNMP queries.