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The "GPS" Tab

Signal Strength – Sky Map

TimeKeeper's Sky Map is a graphic representation of the sky above your GPS antenna, illustrating GPS signal strength and quality. It is useful for assisting with GPS antenna installation problems, interference, jamming, etc.

To display the Sky Map, navigate to GPS > Signal Strength:

Sky Map

Note: It may take some time for the illustration to appear. Note also that it will take TimeKeeper at least 12 hours after commissioning to collect all relevant data.

The illustration represents what you would see if you were looking straight up at the sky at the location of your GPS antenna, hence West and East seem reversed. Darker colors indicate a lower signal strength. Dotted lines show satellite trajectories. White segments show areas without reception, i.e. the sky view is likely to be obstructed by an object, such as a building, an A/C unit, or similar.

Note: Minor changes in reception throughout the day are normal, as they are likely caused by cyclic atmospheric changes.

Antenna Location – Map

Note: An Internet connection is required.

Under the Antenna Location tab, a map is shown (provided by Google Maps™) that illustrates the antenna location. You can zoom out the map, or display a satellite view, by clicking on the icons at the lower side of the map.

Antenna Location map

This feature helps to assess the GPS antenna installation location, e.g., by detecting objects that may block reception, such as buildings or trees.