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The "Status" Tab

VelaSync's default TimeKeeper configuration offers a set of web management tools that are accessible via the TimeKeeper Web UI. The initial screen displayed when pointing a web browser to the configured IP address will provide a status overview similar to this:

The Status screen

The items listed are:

System Timing Status

  • Provides the tracking status e.g., "Actively tracking"

System Hardware Status

  • Power Supply status
  • Inlet Temperature [temperature in °F] (Note: Temperature data is not logged)
  • RAID status

Sync Source

  • TimeKeeper GPS/Oscillator

Source State

  • GPS sync status (If the synchronization source is PTP, GPS data will not be shown here)
  • Jamming/noise: x%
  • Satellites in view: xx
  • Max signal strength: xx dBHz
  • GPS Temp: xx °C/ xxx °F

Source Accuracy

  • [x] seconds

TimeKeeper Version

  • version/package

Time since TimeKeeper Start

  • [days] [hours] [minutes]

Time since boot

  • [days] [hours] [minutes]


  • [Passed/Failed] Refers to state of VelaSync at the time of last boot. If a problem was reported, investigate the problem, and if resolve, if possible, or contact Technical Support.

Status last updated

  • [x] seconds ago