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Saving and Restoring Current Configuration

Note: You need to login to TimeKeeper via https to create a configuration file.

The TimeKeeper Web UI can be used to save an existing configuration state as a downloadable file. This file can be used as a backup of the configuration, or a means of deploying the same configuration to multiple VelaSync units easily.

The configuration file generated represents the VelaSync configuration data only, and does not contain binary state, like the installed TimeKeeper version.

Note: The generated file does contain potentially sensitive contents, like hashed system password files, RADIUS and TACACS+ secrets, etc. Please treat the file with care, and properly secure it.

To save a VelaSync configuration, navigate via https to Configuration > Service & System Management.

The screen will look similar to this:

Service & System Management screen

Under Manage System, click Save GM Config (GM = Grandmaster) to download a file with the current configuration data. That same file can be uploaded via the Restore GM config button.