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The Subtab "Update"

Update TimeKeeper

Check TimeKeeper version and upgrade: Click to see which TimeKeeper version is installed on your VelaSync, and if a newer version is available. If a newer version is available, and you have been notified about it, paste the URL you have been provided with into the field.

Check Timekeeper version: Click to see which TimeKeeper version is installed on your VelaSync.

Update TimeKeeper install: Update TimeKeeper, using an installer file stored locally on the computer that is used to access VelaSync.

Update TimeKeeper Base Package: The Base Package includes operating system components which are required by TimeKeeper, and is maintained by FSMLabs.

Note: See under the Status tab for information on the currently installed TimeKeeper and Base Package version.

Note: If both the Base Package, and TimeKeeper need to be upgraded, perform the TimeKeeper upgrade first.

Update License

Upload new license file: VelaSync has a permanent license file that does not require regular maintenance updates, unless new features are being introduced.

Latest TimeKeeper Release

The latest TimeKeeper release is always available for download at: