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Backing-up and Restoring Configuration Files

Once VersaSync has been configured, it may be desired to back up the configuration files to a PC for off-unit storage. If necessary in the future, the original configuration of the VersaSync can then be restored into the same unit.

The capability to backup and restore configurations also adds the ability to “clone” multiple VersaSync units with similar settings. Once one VersaSync unit has been configured as desired, configurations that are not specific to each unit (such as NTP settings, log configs, etc.) can be backed up and loaded onto another VersaSync unit for duplicate configurations.

There are several configuration files that are bundled in one file for ease of handling.

Note: For security reasons, configurations relating to security of the product, such as SSH/SSL certificates, cannot be backed up to a PC.

Accessing the System Configuration Screen

The System Configuration Screen provides comprehensive information about hardware and software status. To access the System Configuration screen:

  1. Navigate to TOOLS > SYSTEM: Upgrade/Backup.
  2. The System Configuration screen will display:

The System Configuration screen consists of 5 panels:

Saving the System Configuration Files

To save (back up) the system configuration files:

  1. Navigate to TOOLS > SYSTEM: Upgrade/Backup.
  2. In the Actions panel, click the Save Configuration button.
  3. Click OK in the grey confirmation window that displays.
  4. Save the configuration file to a directory where it will be safe. VersaSync simultaneously saves a file at /home/spectracom/xfer/config/VersaSync.conf.

Uploading Configuration Files

To upload configuration files from a PC:

  1. Navigate to TOOLS > SYSTEM: Upgrade/Backup.
  2. In the Actions panel, click the Upload Configuration button.
  3. Click Choose File in the window that displays, and navigate to the directory on your PC where the bundled file is stored.
  4. Click the Upload button. VersaSync saves the uploaded bundled file in the /home/spectracom/xfer/config/directory.
  5. Note: When uploading files remotely via long distances, or when uploading multiple files via several browser windows simultaneously, the upload process may fail to complete. In this case, cancel the upload by clicking X, and go back to Step 2.

  6. To use the new configuration file for this VersaSync, click the Restore Configuration button, and follow the procedure described under Restoring the System Configuration.

Restoring the System Configuration

To restore the System Configuration:

  1. Navigate to TOOLS > SYSTEM: Upgrade/Backup.
  2. In the Actions panel, click Restore Configuration.
  3. Click OK in the grey confirmation window. The system will restore the configuration using the bundled file stored at /home/spectracom/xfer/config/VersaSync.conf, then reboot in order to read the new configuration file. Once powered back up, VersaSync will be configured with the previously stored file.

Restoring the Factory Defaults

For instructions on how to restore the VersaSync's configuration files to their factory default settings see Resetting All Configurations to their Factory Defaults.