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Deleting the GNSS Receiver Position

The VersaSync timing system requires the exact geographic position in order to calculate the exact system time from the GNSS signal.

The Delete Position command deletes the GNSS antenna position data that is stored in the non-volatile memory of the GNSS receiver.

The deletion of the position data will automatically initiate a new GNSS self survey, provided:

  • a GNSS antenna is connected to VersaSync
  • the GNSS receiver can track at least four satellites continuously
  • and the GNSS receiver it is configured to operate in Standard Mode (see Selecting a GNSS Receiver Mode).

The objective of the GNSS Survey is to re-discover the current antenna position.

Note: A self survey will require at least 2000 seconds (33 minutes).

Relocating VersaSync

The Delete Position command may need to be used if a VersaSync system is physically moved, and it did not self-initiate a new survey automatically. Note that neglecting to delete the old position data and discover the new position data will cause VersaSync not to go into synchronization state.


The Delete Position command must also be used when sanitizing a VersaSync unit (ensuring that no trace of position data remains on the unit).

Deleting the GNSS position

To delete the GNSS position:

  1. Disconnect the GNSS antenna from the VersaSync unit (required only when sanitizing the unit).
  2. Navigate to Interfaces > References: GNSS Reference
  3. Click on the GEAR button next to the GNSS Reference (typically, there is only one reference, numbered "0"). The GNSS 0 window will open:

    Locate the Delete Position box, check it, and click Submit.

  4. VersaSync will initiate a GNSS self survey.

Note: In Mobile Receiver Mode it is NOT possible to delete the position and start the GNSS survey. This feature is only available in Standard Mode and in Single Satellite Mode (see Selecting a GNSS Receiver Mode). In Single Satellite Mode a GNSS survey may take up to 24 hours.