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Setting Up Email Notifications

The Email Setup window provides a means to configure VersaSync with the necessary settings to interface it with Exchange email servers and Gmail.

To set up Notification Emails:

  1. Navigate to MANAGEMENT> OTHER: Notifications.

  2. In the Actions panel of the Notifications screen, click * Email Setup.
  1. The Email Setup window will display:

  2. The Email Configuration box provides two example configuration files. One is for interfacing VersaSync with an Email Exchange server; and the other is for sending emails via Gmail:

  1. To configure the applicable example email configuration, delete the comments (“#”) from each line and replace the “<>” with the appropriate values for your particular email server (such as the user name and password for your Email server).
  2. Example I: SMTP interface to MS Exchange

    #set smtp=<server name, example:>
    #set smtp-auth-user=<user name>
    #set smtp-auth-password=<password>
    #set smtp-auth=login

    Example II: SMTP interface to Gmail

    #set smtp-use-starttls
    #set ssl-verify=ignore
    #set smtp-auth-user=<user name, example>
    #set smtp-auth-password=<password>
    #set smtp-auth=login

  1. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the window.
  2. To test your settings:
    • In the Test Email Address field, enter an email address.
    • Click the Send Test Email button.
    • A notification that your email has been sent will appear at the top of the window.

Additional information on this subject can be found here: Email Notification Setup.