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Notification Event Types

The following types of events can be used to trigger notifications:

Timing Tab: Events

  • In Sync
  • Not In Sync
  • In Holdover
  • No Longer in Holdover
  • Frequency Error
  • Frequency Error Cleared
  • 1PPS Not In Specification
  • 1PPS Restored to Specification
  • Oscillator Alarm
  • Oscillator Alarm Cleared
  • Reference Change (Cleared)
  • Reference Change

GPS Tab: Events

  • Too Few GPS Sat, Minor Alarm
  • Too Few GPS Sat, Minor, Cleared
  • Too Few GPS Sat, Major Alarm
  • Too Few GPS Sat, Major, Cleared
  • GPS Antenna Problem
  • GPS Antenna OK
  • GPS Receiver Fault
  • GPS Receiver Fault Cleared

Under the GPS Events tab, you can also configure Minor and Major Alarm Thresholds for GNSS fault events; see Configuring GPS Notification Alarm Thresholds.

System Tab: Events