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Ethernet Monitoring

To monitor Ethernet status and traffic:

  1. Navigate to TOOLS > SYSTEM: Ethernet Monitor. The Ethernet monitoring screen opens:

The data displayed is linked to a specific Ethernet port e.g., ETH0. If you enable additional Ethernet ports, their throughput data will also be displayed.

In the Traffic pane on the right the traffic throughput in Bytes per second is displayed in two graphs. Drag the handles at the bottom of the graphs to zoom in on a particular time frame.

In the Actions panel on the left, you can clear or download monitoring data.

In the Status panel on the left, information pertaining to the given Ethernet port is displayed, including throughput statistics and error statistics. The Mode field indicates which transmission mode is being used for the given Ethernet port:

  • FULL duplex, or
  • HALF duplex.

Note that the Mode is auto-negotiated by VersaSync. It can be changed only via the switch VersaSync is connected to, not by using the VersaSync Web UI.