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Status Monitoring via the Web UI

Detailed status information can be accessed via the VersaSync Web UI, such as:

  • Time synchronization status, including references
  • GNSS satellites currently being tracked
  • NTP sync status and current Stratum level
  • Estimated time errors
  • Oscillator disciplining
  • Temperature monitoring

The HOME screen provides time server status information, while the TOOLS > System Monitor screen also displays hardware status data, e.g. temperature curves:

Status Monitoring via the HOME Screen

The HOME screen of the VersaSync Web UI provides a system status overview (see also The Web UI HOME Screen).

The HOME screen is divided into four panels:

Note: If you know the individual reference or output whose status you wish to see, you can access the Status window of that reference or output directly through the INTERFACES > REFERENCES or INTERFACES > OUTPUTS drop-down menu.

Status Monitoring via the System Monitor Screen

To display status information pertaining mainly to VersaSync's current hardware status, navigate to TOOLS > SYSTEM > System Monitor.

The information provided on the System Monitor Screen is subdivided into three panels: