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Configuring a 1PPS Output

To configure a 1PPS output:

  1. Navigate to INTERFACES: OUTPUTS, or to INTERFACES: OPTION CARDS (white on orange).
  2. In the panel on the right, click the GEAR button next to the 1PPS Output you want to edit.
  3. The 1PPS Output Edit window will display, allowing the following items to be configured:
    • Signature Control: Determines when the output is enabled. For more information, see Signature Control.
    • Offset [ns]: Allows to offset the system's 1PPS on-time point, e.g. to compensate for cable delays and other latencies [range = –500000000 to 500000000 ns = ±0.5 s]
    • Edge: Used to determine if the on-time point of the 1PPS output is the rising or the falling edge of the signal.
      • Rising
      • Falling
    • Pulse Width [ns]: Configures the Pulse Width of the 1PPS output.
    • [range = 20 to 900000000 ns = 0.0 μs to 0.9 s]
      [default = 200 ms]

  4. Click Submit.