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System Time Message

The System Time Message is a feature used for special applications that require a once-per-second time message to be sent out by VersaSync via multicast. This time message will be transmitted before every 1PPS signal, and can be used to evaluate accuracy and jitter.

To set up and enable a System Time Message:

  1. Navigate to MANAGEMENT > OTHER > System Time Message.
  2. Populate the fields Multicast Address, Port Number and Message ID, and click Submit.
  3. In the Network Services panel, enable System Time Message.

System Time Message Format

This message contains the time when the next 1PPS discrete will occur. It is sent once per second prior to the 1PPS discrete.

System Time Message format

Word Byte 3 Byte 2 Byte 1 Byte 0
1 Msg ID
2 Msg Size
3 Seconds
4 nSec


System Time Message field descriptions

Data Name Data Description Range Resolution Units
Message ID UID of the message; programmable Unsigned 32 bit integer 1 n/a
Message Size Total message size in bytes Unsigned 32 bit integer 1 Bytes
Seconds Seconds since epoch (00:00:00 Jan 1, 1970 UTC) Unsigned 32 bit integer 1 Seconds
NSec NSec within the current second Unsigned 32 bit integer 1 nsec
EOM End-of-message -1 1 n/a