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Troubleshooting – Unable to Open Web UI

With VersaSync connected to either a stand-alone or networked PC and with the network configuration correct, it should be possible to connect to the Web UI.

Verify Current Status Indication Troubleshooting
LEDs on network connector Green “Good link” is not solid green VersaSync ICMP test is failing. VersaSync is not connected to PC via Ethernet connection 1) Verify one end of standard network cable is connected to VersaSync’s Ethernet port and other end is connected to a hub/switch. Or a network cable is connected to VersaSync and a stand-alone PC.
2) Verify network settings of VersaSync are valid for the network/PC it is connected with (IP address is on the same subnet as the other PC).
Green “Good Link” is solid green on both VersaSync and other end of network cable. VersaSync ICMP test is passing. VersaSync is connected to PC via Ethernet connection 1) Disconnect VersaSync’s network cable and ping its assigned address to ensure no response (no duplicate IP addresses on the network).
2) Try accessing VersaSync from another PC on the same network.
3) Network Routing/firewall issue. Try connecting directly with a PC and network cable.

Troubleshooting network connection issues