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Troubleshooting via Web UI Status Page

VersaSync’s Web UI includes pages that provide current “remote” status information about VersaSync. The following table includes information that can be used as a troubleshooting guidance if status fault indications or conditions occur.

Web UI Page location Current Status Indication Troubleshooting

HOME page, System Status panel, Status row

SYNC indicator is not “lit” (not Green).HOLD indicator is “lit” (Orange).—OR—FAULT indicator is “lit” (Red). Below the System Status panel there is an Out of Sync alarm statement VersaSync is in Holdover mode—OR—VersaSync is now out of Time Sync All available Input References have been lost. The Reference Status table on the HOME page will show the current status of all inputs (Green is valid and Red is invalid or not present).
1. Make sure the Input Reference Priority table still has the desired reference inputs Enabled, based on the desired priority. See Configuring Input Reference Priorities.
2. Make sure the desired input references are still connected to the correct input port of VersaSync.
3. Verify GNSS antenna installation (if applicable). See Troubleshooting GNSS Reception.


NTP Status Summary panel

Stratum row

Stratum 15 NTP is not synchronized to its available input references (VersaSync may have been in Holdover mode, but Holdover has since expired without the return of valid inputs) Note: If VersaSync was just recently powered-up or rebooted and input references are applied, no troubleshooting may be necessary. Allow at least 10-20 minutes for the input references to be declared valid and NTP to align to the System Time (allow an additional 35-40 minutes for a new install with GNSS input).
1. Verify in the Configure Reference Priorities table that all available references enabled. See Configuring Input Reference Priorities.
2. Verify that the Reference Status on the HOME page shows “OK” (Green) for all available references.
3. Verify NTP is enabled and configured correctly. See NTP Reference Configuration.


Cannot login or access the Web UI. The following error message is displayed:
“Forbidden You don’t have permission to access/ on this server”
This message is displayed when any value has been added to the Network Access Rules table and your PC is not listed in the table as an Allow From IP address.To restore access to the Web UI, either
1. Login from a PC that is listed as an Allow From in this table; or
2. If it is unknown what PCs have been listed in the Access table, perform an unrestrict command to remove all entries from the Network Access Rules table. This will allow all PCs to be able to access the Web UI.

Troubleshooting using the Web UI Status indications