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Connectors and their Pinouts

All of VersaSync's connectors are provided at the front panel of the unit, below the Status LEDs. The Advanced Military Connectors are keyed for foolproof connectivity and offer a push-pull locking mechanism.

Power Connector

Note: View in mating direction from front.

Power connector pinout

Pin Signal
1 VMain (10 to 32 V)
2 VMain (10 to 32 V)
3 VBatt (10 to 32 V)

Input/Output Connector

VersaSync has a 26-pin input/output connector that offers 8 software-configurable CHANNELS, plus one fixed DCLS channel, and a USB interface. To learn more about types of interfaces and signals, and how to configure them, see Assigning I/O Pins.


I/O connector pinout

Pin Signal Pin Signal
1 1PPS output (5V) 15 Have Quick output (RS-485 signal +)
2 GND 16 GND
3 Have Quick input (RS-485 signal +) 17 Have Quick output (RS-485 signal –)
4 GND 18 GND
5 Have Quick input (RS-485 signal –) 19 GND
6 GND 20 GND
7 1PPS output (10 V) 21 Not connected
8 GND 22 GND
9 ASCII output (RS-232) 23 USB D–
10 GND 24 GND
11 1PPS input 25 USB D+
12 GND 26 GND
13 ASCII input (RS-232)  
14 GND  

Ethernet Connector

Note: View in mating direction from front.

Ethernet connector pinout

Pin Signal Pin Signal
1 Ethernet_1 A+ 9 Ethernet_2 A+
2 Ethernet_1 A– 10 Ethernet_2 A–
3 Ethernet_1 B+ 11 Ethernet_2 B+
4 Ethernet_1 B– 12 Ethernet_2 B–
5 Ethernet_1 C+ 13 Ethernet_2 C+
6 Ethernet_1 C– 14 Ethernet_2 C–
7 Ethernet_1 D+ 15 Ethernet_2 D+
8 Ethernet_1 D– 16 Ethernet_2 D–

Optional I/O Connector

The Optional I/O connector is used in conjunction with the Option Board that is available for VersaSync. If the unit is not equipped with an Option Board, this connector is not used.

Coaxial Connectors

VersaSync offers five (5) coaxial connectors, three (3) of which can be configured at the factory to accommodate requirements for e.g., IRIG AM signals or additional 10 MHz outputs. The minimum configuration includes the GNSS antenna and a 10 MHz sinewave output.

All coaxial connectors are standard SMA connectors.

Mating Connector Plugs

The table below lists the part numbers for the mating connectors. The connectors can be ordered through Spectracom or ODU-USA Inc. All connectors are circular ODU AMC® "mil-type" connectors.

Connector Part Numbers

Ref Description VersaSync Connector Mating (Cable) Connector
Spectracom Part No. ODU Part No. Spectracom Part No. ODU Part No.
POWER Power connector, 5 pin J240R-0051-002Q GK1YBR-P05UJ00-000L P240R-0051-002Q S11YBR-P05XJG0-0000
I/O I/O connector, 26 pin J240R-0261-002F GK2YAR-P26UC00-000L P240R-0261-002F S12YAR-P26XCD0-0000
ETH Ethernet connector, 16 pin J240R-0161-002F GK1YCR-P16UC00-000L P240R-0161-002F S11YCR-P16XCD0-0000
SAASM Optional I/O connector, 8 pin J240R-0081-012F GK1YDR-P08UF00-000L P240R-0081-002F S11YDR-P08XFG0-0000

ODU® ordering contact information (USA):

  • ODU-USA Inc.
    4010 Adolfo Road
    Camarillo, CA 93012
    United States of America

    Phone: +1 (805) 484 0540
    Fax: +1 (805) 484 7458

Note: Building the mating cables requires special tools. Contact ODU for cable assemblies. Be advised that typical lead times are 12 to 16 weeks.

ETHERNET connector wiring:

  • 1 through 8: A Ethernet Connect, 4 pairs, 1000bT
  • 9 through 16: B Ethernet Connect, 4 pairs, 1000bT

POWER connector pinout

  • 1; 2: VMain, 10 to 32 VDC
  • 3: VBatt, 10 to 32 VDC (Standby Power)
  • 4; 5: Ground return


The unit can be grounded in two different ways:

  • By connecting the DC negative terminals to the chassis of the unit, and to the vehicle metallic structure. This option is the factory standard for VersaSync.
  • By isolating the DC negative terminals from the chassis of the unit ("airborne mode"). This option must be requested at the time of ordering your unit.