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Selecting a Mounting Location

The unit is to be mounted on a plate, using six (6) through holes. The mounting location must offer sufficient space to accommodate the unit and the cable connectors, and it must be within cable reach to other connected devices, such as the GNSS antenna. The unit can be mounted horizontally, or at any angle. The chosen environment must not fall below IP 65 ingress protection standards.

Mechanical dimensions

Heat Dissipation

The aluminum base plate of the unit acts as a heat drain, conducting heat away from VersaSync's interior components. When considering a mounting location, it is crucial that:

  • the operating temperature of the mounting surface does not exceed 65°C/149°F.
  • the mounting surface is even and heat conductive. Do not use any insulator material e.g., rubber gaskets or similar.
  • the ambient air temperature meets is within the specified range, i.e. -40°C to +65°C.


Spectracom recommends to observe the VITA 75 standard regarding mounting the unit, and fastener selection.