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Setting up an IP Address

In order for VersaSync to be accessible via your network, you need to assign an IP address to VersaSync, as well as a subnet mask and gateway, unless you are using an address assigned by a DHCP server.

Before you continue …

… please obtain the following information from the system network administrator:

  • Available static IP address
    • This is the unique address your network administrator will assign to your VersaSync unit. Make sure the chosen address is outside of the DHCP range of your DHCP server.
  • Subnet mask (for the network)
    • The subnet mask defines the number of bits taken from the IP address that are used in the network portion. The number of network bits used in the net mask can range from 8 to 30 bits.
  • Gateway address
    • The gateway (default router) address is needed if communication to the VersaSync is made outside of the local network. By default, the gateway is disabled.