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Network Services

Several standard network services can be enabled or disabled via the easily accessible Network Services Panel under MANAGEMENT > Network Setup:

The Network Services panel has ON/OFF toggle switches for the following daemons and features:

  • System Time Message: A once-per second Time Message sent out via Multicast; for details, see System Time Message.
  • Daytime Protocol, RFC-867: A standard Internet service, featuring an ASCII daytime representation, often used for diagnostic purposes.
  • Time Protocol, RFC-868: This protocol is used to provide a machine-readable, site-independent date and time.
  • Telnet: Remote configuration
  • FTP server: Access to logs
  • SSH: Secure Shell cryptographic network protocol for secure data communication
  • HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • tcpdump: A LINUX program that can be used to monitor network traffic by inspecting tcp packets. Default = ON.
    If not needed, or wanted (out of concern for potential security risks), tcpdump can be disabled permanently: Once toggled to OFF, and after executing a page reload, tcpdump will be deleted from the system: The toggle switch will be removed, and the function cannot be enabled again (even after a software upgrade).