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The Web UI HOME Screen

Note: Screens displayed in this manual are for illustrative purposes. Actual screens may vary depending upon the configuration of your product.

The HOME screen of the VersaSync web user interface ("Web UI") provides comprehensive status information at a glance, including:

  • vital system information
  • current status of the references
  • key performance/accuracy data
  • major log events.

The HOME screen can be accessed from anywhere in the Web UI, using the HOME button in the Primary Navigation Bar:

The Primary Navigation Bar provides access to all menus:

  • HOME: Return to the HOME screen (see above)
  • INTERFACES: Access the configuration pages for …
    • … references (e.g., GNSS, NTP)
    • … outputs (e.g. 10 MHz, PPS, NTP) and
    • … installed input/output option cards.
  • MANAGEMENT: Access the NETWORK setup screens, and OTHER setup screens e.g., to configure Reference Priorities, System Time, and the Oscillator.
  • TOOLS: Opens a drop-down menu for access to the system maintenance screens and system logs.
  • HELP: Provides Spectracom Service Contact Information and high-level system configurations you may be required to furnish when contacting Spectracom Service.