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The Configuration MANAGEMENT Menu

The MANAGEMENT menu on the Web UI's Main screen provides access to VersaSync's configuration screens and settings.

On the left side, under NETWORK, the following standard setup screens can be found:

  • Pin Layout
  • Network Setup
  • General Setup
  • SSH Setup
  • SNMP Setup
  • NTP Setup
  • PTP Setup

Under OTHER, you can access non-network related screens:

  • Authentication: Manage user accounts, Security Policy, LDAP Setup, RADIUS setup, Login Preference and Remote Servers. Change My Password is also available.
  • Reference Priority: Define the order of priority for timing inputs.
  • Notifications: Configure the notifications triggered by VersaSync’s events. A notification can be a combination of a mask alarm and/or SNMP Trap and/or email.
  • Time Management: Manage the Local Clock, UTC Offset, DST Definition and Leap Second information.
  • Log Configuration: Manage the system logs.
  • Disciplining: Manage oscillator disciplining.
  • Change My Password: Configure the admin password.
  • LED Configuration: Change the LED brightness.