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Configuring Notifications

To configure Notifications:

  1. Navigate to MANAGEMENT > OTHER: Notifications. The Notifications screen will display:
  2. It is divided into two panels:

    • The Actions panel, featuring:
      • The SNMP Setup button: See SNMP.
      • The Email Setup button: Configure VersaSync's interface settings for Exchange email servers and Gmail.
      • For more information on this subject, see the Spectracom Technical Note Email Notification Setup.

    • The Events panel, offering three tabs:
      • Timing: Events for Sync Status and Holdover, Frequency error, Input references and the internal oscillator.
      • GPS: Events related to the GNSS receiver, including antenna cabling, tracking less than the minimum number of satellites and GNSS receiver faults.
      • Systems: Events related to the system operation, including minor and major alarms being asserted, reboot, timing system errors and option cards.

  3. In the Events panel, choose the Timing, GPS or System tab. Configure your Notifications (see below), and click Submit.
  4. The columns under each tab are:

    • Event—This is the event that will trigger the notification. The events under each tab will vary according to context.
    • Mask Alarm—Check here to enable an alarm mask. Enabling an alarm mask for a given notification will prevent that notification from generating an alarm condition. Other notifications for that event and logging of the event will still occur.
    • SNMP Trap—Check here to configure the event to trigger an SNMP Trap.
    • Email—Check here to configure the event to trigger an email notification.
    • Email Address—Enter the address to which the email should be sent when triggered by the event.

    Note: Each event can be configured with the desired email address that is specific to just that one event only. Note that only one email address can be specified in each Email Address field.

    For each event choose the notification you want and an email address – if any – to which you want the notification to be sent. For more information, see SNMP and Setting Up Email Notifications.

    For each event, only the notification options available can be configured. For example, a mask alarm can be set for an In-Sync event, and a Not-in-Sync event, but not for an In-Holdover event.